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Taking a Step Back to Boost Group Effectiveness and Achieve More

As a manager, group effectiveness is probably very high on your priorities. Because of this, you may be tempted to push your team to its limits. But recent thinking suggests that taking a step back from operational matters and day to day activities may be the way...

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Being A Female Leader – Challenge or Opportunity?

Being a female leader in the corporate world brings both challenges and opportunities. After more than five decades of efforts to bring women to a place of equality with men in matters of leadership, the landscape in most places is still heavily male dominated in...

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How to Build Engagement from Millennials

For some managers, having millennials on their team is a challenge. It is actually a great opportunity if you can leverage the great diversity it brings. When you look at the everyday workplace, it is hard to see that there is a constant transitioning from one...

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Taking over a new team

Are you starting in a new job or are you taking over a new team? One of the most frequent subjects discussed in business meetings, publications and websites is change and how to manage it. The environment in which organizations operate is increasingly volatile; due...

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Equipping Your Team For Project Success

Let's talk about project management and how your team can make a difference. Whether your team is just starting out or well-established, a new project or initiative will present risks for failure or under-performance. This is because new projects have a tendency to...

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Celebrate at Work and Boost Employee Engagement

As a leader, are you willing to boost your employee engagement? Most of times when you and I hear other people's success stories, they are glamorized as unbelievable achievements by ordinary people in the face of great odds. The stories do not shine the light on...

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Building Camaraderie and Managing Virtual Teams

Managing Virtual Teams is a growing trend and for many organizations today, remote work is becoming the preferred mode for how employees carry out their roles. This model offers advantages to both the company and the employee. The company has access to a wider pool...

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Boost Team Collaboration by Building Trust

Trust may be the most essential element to enable Team Collaboration & Team Building in order to determine the success of a team. A team may have highly competent members, but if it is plagued by distrust, it will under-perform a team of ordinary individuals....

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How to Deal with Workplace Conflict

Having to manage Workplace Conflict is the Number 1 CEO concern! Most people lump disagreement together with negative energy. But they are not the same. Disagreement is simply a difference in points of view. But the negative energy that sometimes attends...

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Improve your Personal Branding at Work

Selling yourself or Personal Branding is important in any relationship, personal or business. The truth is that if you do not promote yourself, there may be no one else to do it for you. And even if you managed to find others who are willing to fly your flag, they...

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Authentic Leadership In The Midst Of Conflict

The quest to Authentic Leadership seems to be a growing trend because of the challenges it represents. Everyone talks about leadership; it seems that every time you log into the internet, there is somebody telling you how to be a better leader. With this great...

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Authentic Leadership

Accelerate your Business Growth NOW

Being Business growth, Growth Acceleration, Growth Mindset, Growth Strategy, growth is on every leaders mind. Understandably, all businesses want to grow. However, when a company begins to enter a phase of accelerated growth, how it did business in the past and how...

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How To be an Inspirational Leader

Leadership is not something that a person does; it is what they become. This articles tells you more about what Inspirational Leaders have in common Read More
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Efficient Team Takeover

Managing a smooth Team Takeover is key when starting in a new role. Indeed, when a leader takes over a team or organization, they usually arrive with their own ideas of what that team or organization ought to be doing. They have preconceived thoughts of what they...

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Team Takeover

How to ensure Remote Employment is a Success?

Having to Manage Remote Employment is becoming the new normal. There is a growing trend toward an increase in the number of organization’s employees who work from remote locations. Studies by Global Workplace Analytics show that the number of people working...

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Fostering The ‘We’ Mindset At Work

Great Teamwork within your team becomes a stronger competitive advantage than having the best people on your team. People, schools and workplaces in the United States exhibit a much higher degree of competitive behavior than is seen in most other countries,...

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Effective Workplace Conflict Management

Conflicts are a fact of life and workplace conflicts are not an exception. People will always disagree on something. Although we hate them, conflicts are often the most honest feedback that we get about any situation. They offer the greatest opportunities to find...

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Lead and Succeed In a Matrix

Organizational structure defines how a business allocates tasks, coordinates activities and supervises the efforts of its various teams. In a quest to get closer to its customers and become more responsive and innovative many businesses are dumping the...

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How to Build a Strong Team?

Team building, cohesion retention; these are dominant topics in any gathering of all kinds of leaders around the globe. Finding the best people, getting them to work together and keeping them together afterward has never been more important to the work of leading...

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Stakeholders Feedback for Increased Team Performance

When measuring the performance of a team, the viewpoint from which that assessment is conducted matters. A team may carry out an assessment of its work itself, or it might be done by the organization or conducted externally by a customer. Depending on whether the...

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6 Ways Team Leaders can use to build Trust Among Their Teams

Although we never think about it, trust is the single ingredient that makes life livable. We can always go to bed, TRUSTING that the ground will still be beneath our feet when we awake. That our home will still be in the city where we live and the sun will be...

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Leverage Diversity and Build Organizational Alignment

Building a great team for organizational success can be likened to making a great dish. You need a lot of different and disparate ingredients combined in specific quantities according to a precise formula or sequence to achieve the desired result. Your main...

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Leaders – How can you help your people through change

“If it is not broken, do not fix it.” This axiom describes the human tendency to never question the effectiveness of our method as long as it delivers a reasonable amount of success. People, in general, prefer to stay with what has been tested and proven to work;...

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Business Owners/Leaders – Is Your Team as Committed as you are?

The feeling that employees lack a high level of emotional investment and personal commitment to their work is one of the most frustrating difficulties business owners can have. Every owner wants people on their team who demonstrate a passion to please customers and...

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Is your Team Self-Aware?

In this article, we will discuss team self-awareness. This is one of the most important but often overlooked aspects of team-building and team-productivity. We give lots of emphasis to building the team, equipping it and having it succeed at its raison d'être; all...

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Do not recruit someone like you!

Make sure you leverage collective intelligence when you recruit someone for your team. You, as successful business leader have had a successful career; you have the right set of competencies that allowed you to go that far and that high. One day, the moment comes...

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