Employee satisfaction is one factor that has a direct impact on the productivity of the team, customer experience, and the overall reputation of your company or organization. But did you know that money is not enough to motivate your staff?

Although staff work for cash, keeping them motivated through recognition before they get their salaries or wages boosts their morale. Every manager with exceptional leadership qualities knows that their employees are their greatest assets and deserve the right working conditions, compensations, and recognition.

Recognizing that your team is doing great is one way of showing them that you value their teamwork efforts. This is one way of building employee engagement in the workplace. It is generally low costing yet has significant impacts on your organization’s success.

The Power of Recognition in Teams

Team recognition is merely acknowledging the hard work of the other person in a team. This could be executive recognition or peer recognition. Executive recognition is where you, as the manager, recognize the efforts of individual employees or teams that are doing excellently.

On the other hand, there is peer recognition where co-workers show appreciation for their achievements or sacrifices they paid to accomplish the organizational goals. It could be as simple as writing a note to them, buying them their favorite candy, a cup of coffee, displaying kudos on a message board, or having a rotating trophy, among other ways.

Peer recognition has proven to be quite useful in boosting the productivity of the company. This is one way of showing them that they matter and are worth being in the company.

Coming from the boss or your peers, here are some effects of recognition:

  • It gives the team a sense of belonging.

Every employee wants to feel that they are part of the organization. Recognizing them makes them feel that they belong there and will be inspired to do better. Acknowledging the teamwork is an excellent way of improving employee engagement in their allocated tasks.

  • Boosts the Morale of the team 

A motivated team means more exceptional outcomes. Recognition is one of the leadership skills that most managers use to get the best out of their employees, especially now that most organizations are focusing on productivity.

  •  Develops trust and communication 

Employee recognition is an excellent way of bridging the communication gap that usually exists between the employees and the management. The team usually develops trust in the managers and it makes them feel free to communicate their issues.

  • Better workplace relationships 

Running a successful organization does not only require the efforts of the manager; it is a teamwork task. As the team trusts the manager, a better relationship is developed, leading to a smooth flow of things and the timely execution of projects.

  • Leads to customer satisfaction 

What is happening in the organization is usually passed on to the customers. If your employees are not motivated, they will offer poor services to your customers, which may end up pushing away even your esteemed clients.

  • Employee retention and attractiveness

Some people say that employees usually leave their boss, not the company. That respect that staff or team gets from the managers and executive members of the organization can make them stay in the company until their retirement. As they are treated well, they transfer it to the customers, and eventually, the company gains an excellent reputation. A good company’s image attracts both clients and new talents, which results in higher productivity.

  •  The organization’s overall productivity

It is unbelievable that employee recognition can have far impacts, like boosting your organization’s revenue and productivity. As your team serves the customers better, a good reputation of the company is built, which attracts more customers. In the long term, there will be a boost in the sustainable productivity of your organization.

Everyone wants to feel important, and recognition generally makes the team motivated. It does not cost you anything to say words like “Well done” or “Keep up the good work” to your employees and team. They could be working hard to hear that from you as the manager, and you should not hang back, saying the words to them.

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