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Become a Magnetic Employer

You know you have a magnetic employer brand when your reputation in the labor marketplace is such that you don’t have to spend your time trying to convince people why they should work for you. Because of your employer brand, they already know they want to be on your team.

When you have a strong employer branding, your recruiting power increases exponentially and so does your employees engagement! People know why they work for you or want to join your workforce.

When your values are clear and your vision has been articulated and communicated, your entire workforce becomes one large recruiting department. Your employees are fully aligned.

This process is an interactive, experiential and collective discovery that will serve your leadership team, department teams and your entire organization.

You helped us stay focused and mutually accountable throughoutthe process. We are now aligned on our vision and values. We also have an aligned story.

Why You Should Join

AcePoint Consulting customizes this workshop to help you:


Identify your common values

Visualize what the perfect employer means for you

Articulate your vision

Define a clear action plan

Who should attend

Teams from 3 to 15 People Who:

  • Are willing to improve their employer branding
  • Want to improve employee engagement
  • Seek to reduce employee attrition
  • Want to become great ambassadors with aligned story telling
  • Want to articulate their “why”

What You Can Expect

Individual reflection & group discussions are:

  • Creative and interactive using Points of You® tools for exploration
  • Onsite or at a chosen location
  • 5 to 6 hours in length