Our Programs

Ambition multiplied by Teamwork! Each AcePoint Consulting coaching program is uniquely customized to serve executive teams or employees in leadership roles on different teams within your organization or individuals. We maximize your potential, make you more efficient, and help you…

Improve communication and cohesion

Strengthen employee leadership skills

Manage change and transitions

Define team vision, goals and action plans

Decrease friction and lessen conflict

Accelerate collective decision-making

Enhance team and corporate culture

Reflect and Learn


The Unbeatable Team 

Ignite your team’s collective spirit and strengths in a 6-month program that assesses team performance, provides regularly scheduled team coaching sessions, tracks your progress over time, and develops your long-term path to sustained productivity.


Acepoint Consulting Synergized Cohesive Team

The Synergized Team

Discover the individual strengths each member brings to your team to develop better team self-awareness, improve team dynamics and grow your team effectiveness. With in-depth assessments, we unlock each individual’s energy to create your high-impact synergized team.

Unleash the True Leader Within

With innovative techniques, we help you uncover your most authentic leadership style and guide you on how to chart your course for success. Become the leader you have always wanted to be.



When you have a strong employer branding and company narrative, your recruiting power increases exponentially and so does your employees engagement! People know why they work for you or want to join your workforce. We help you define your values, articulate you common vision and align it with what an ideal employer means for you. This process is an interactive, experiential, powerful and collective discovery!

Reflect & Refocus

What got you here, won’t get you there. Using innovative Points of View© tools, we delve into what is working, what isn’t working, and what you need to move forward. You leave with an action plan that highlights your key strengths and the tools to implement them along your successful professional journey.