Executive Coaching

We offer executive coaching in order to accompany executives, business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs on their personal and professional growth path. We specialize on leadership development, career transition and on-boarding.
Grow yourself into your 2.0 self
Identify your strengths and development areas, develop self awareness, discover your values, focus on your goals, gain clarity on your objectives, define an action plan to reach your goals.

The coach partners with you in a thought-provoking and creative way that helps you uncover your limiting beliefs, explore multiple options and alternative solutions, assist you in defining actions and hold you accountable towards them.

A safe and confidential space for you to share and explore

A great way to get clarity on the way forward

An environment where you feel supported


A space where you can speak up

How long does an executive coaching last?
1 Exploratory session
8 Sessions taking place every 2 weeks
1 Exploratory session
Depending on your objectives and your individual situation, the coaching duration can vary.

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01. Select a coach who is not certified by a renowned institution

02. Opt for a coach who does not have a supervisor

03. Choose a coach whom you perceive as the expert of your industry and has not served clients across a broad range of sectors and geographies

04. Select a coach who tells you he will explain you how you should do things

05. Assume the coach will solve your problems

06. Start an executive coaching without knowing or defining the expected outcomes early in the process

07. Failing to ask the coach how he/she operates and which tools and other qualifications he/she offers

"I have done coaching sessions with Isabelle at a time period in my life when I was transitioning between 2 CEO roles. During our sessions, I first worked through learning and accepting my strengths and areas of improvement as well as defining what the most suitable work environment for me would be. The sessions helped me properly refine my new work project and then prioritize among the various options I was considering. Finally, along the new role search, I was challenged and stimulated by Isabelle’s coaching qualities to make this process a success. I found Isabelle to be sharp while caring, open and very helpful by looking at the bigger picture. I felt well accompanied during a challenging period of my professional life."

Philippe C. CEO, France

"Isabelle Grenier was my Executive Coach in a period of my life when I was considering moving back into fulltime employment after having been a freelance consultant for a while. With her help, I was able to achieve clarity on my goals and find the conviction and motivation to go after them. I reached my goal very soon after starting coaching with her. Isabelle’s strength as a coach is that she helps you expand your horizon to think of options you may not have previously considered. She also helps you structure your path to the goal, which helps you reach it faster. I am extremely thankful to Isabelle for coaching me and would highly recommend her."

Ruchika G. – Executive Search Partner, Indonesia

"Isabelle's coaching style is down to earth and encouraging. Her attitude is positive, and her questions thought provoking and inspiring. Her business experience and guidance have been extremely helpful."

Erica, CEO, USA

"Isabelle is a wonderful coach and an extraordinarily inspiring person. It was such a pleasure to work with her. She was quick to discern how to guide the focus of the session, which was very helpful. She helped me establish real, measurable goals that I am using to gauge my success with what we spoke about. More importantly, she made me feel welcomed and valued as a human being. I am so grateful we have crossed paths. Needless to say, I highly recommend her services!!!"

Zach E., CEO, USA

"Isabelle is a kind and gentle. I enjoyed her coaching style as she guided me to develop a plan around a tough situation that I had been facing. #Recommended"

April S., Sales Manager, USA

"To be coached by Isabelle has been an amazing experience. She is able to raise comments that I had commented in past sessions. She has a huge ability to summarize and clarify and Isabelle is always looking for excellence. I strongly recommend to choose her."

Johanna V., CEO Entrepreneur, USA

" I learned a lot about my "identity" and what my USP is. I discovered some stuff around my own expectations and beliefs when delivering for someone else. Sometimes it's difficult to just be yourself. In the words of Carl Rogers to know that "I am enough" Isabelle is a practical, kind, patient and knowledgeable coach who is prepared to share her experiences too, when asked. Isabelle helped me through a particularly confusing part of my life and has helped me to a different understanding of who and how I might now be."

Simon R., Entrepreneur, UK

"Isabelle est un coach qui travaille dans l'écoute et le respect. Très agréable d'être accompagnée par Isabelle."

Quynh A, Bruxelles

"Isabelle est une coach très ouverte, dynamique, qui a plus d'un tour dans son sac pour accompagner ses clients (quand quelque chose ne fonctionne pas, elle sait trouver d'autres moyens pour débloquer des situations). Elle est intuitive, bienveillante et très positive."

Kim F, Entrepreneur, France



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