Business Coaching for Leadership Teams and Organizations

We offer business coaching to management teams, we assess executives in promotion and recruitment’s context  for an improved and sustainable performance

We are committed to your success.

We are committed to fully support you and your team on your collective growth and development. There is a strong correlation between a team’s success and its willingness to change and openness to approach things differently. We will accompany you and your team in becoming a sustainable high performing team which is clear on its mission, aligned on its collective goals and strategies and synchronized with its stakeholders‘ expectations.
Make sure your team performs at its peak potential!
A successful team is so much more than the sum of its parts. We go in-depth to improve performance and build toward measurable, sustainable results. Through careful and personalized assessment, we provide clarity and understanding of both the positive and dysfunctional aspects of your team performance. Working closely with the team as a whole, we then architect an actionable plan to help your team grow into the future. We hold your team accountable throughout its transformation.

A space of trust and audacity for you and your team to feel safe to speak up and explore


A great way to get clarity on the way forward

An environment where everyone can operate at its best

A place to gain awareness and develop competencies

Are you ready to take action?

7 Fatal Mistakes When Choosing a Team Coach

01. Select a coach who is not certified in Team Coaching

02. Opt for a coach who does not have managerial experiences

03. Choose a coach whom you percieve  as the expert of your industry and has not served clients across a broad range of sectors and geographies

04. Select a coach who is not able to track your team progress over time and visually

05. Choose a coach who is not deeply alert to culture differences and how it can affect team dynamics

06. Appoint a coach who uses a methodology that only looks at an aggregated view of the individuals team members

07. Take a coach who ‘s approach does not take into account the context and the stakeholders’ expectations in which the team operates

"Your continued support over this Team Coaching has been essential in the context of our team transformation."

Benoît, CEO

"Our clients see and tell us we work together more effectively. Thank you."

Vincent, COO

"Thanks to your intervention, our team has a much better cohesion. We are stronger now."

Elise, HRD

"She is very professional, a good listener and is able to provide clear insights which are relevant to your specific context. I strongly recommend."

Aurélien, CPO

"Now we exchange openly, we collaborate more effectively, we listen to each other."


"You helped us stay focused and mutually accountable. We operate in the same direction now. We are aligned on our objectives and strategies."

Thibaut, Commercial Director

"You are the engine we were missing to reach our objectives. Thank you!"

Virginie, CPO

"Isabelle is very professional and always seeks to understand her client’s needs deeply. Her prior international and corporate background give her a definite edge in grasping the cultural elements that make any human capital related project unique. I would not hesitate to trust her for my next HR project."

Hervé, VP Supply Chain and Procurement


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